Mother's Day Tea

Today in Grace's class there was a Mother's Day Tea Party.

Kids were all sent to school in their "Sunday Best" and had prepared a program for all the moms.

Grace was lucky to also have Grandma D in town to join us at the party. Grandma D was kind enough to drive up to watch Emmit once again for us today!

There was a video, where the teacher's asked questions to the kids and a little singing.

The best part for me was looking at the posters that had a questions and answers part about the mom.
I learned a lot about what Grace thinks of me! Pretty hilarious.

So according to Grace...

Q. How old is your mom? A. 54
OK so what I will learn from this is that I need to start wearing a higher SPF sunscreen and that going tanning from the 7th grade until my senior year in college was not SMART.

Q. What's your mom's favorite food? A. Tacos
She is right there isn't a Tuesday in the Johnston house that does not include Tacos.

Q. What's your mom's favorite TV show? A. Housewives
OK so before you judge, I actually DO NOT watch the Housewives shows, but I will admit I do watch a lot of crap on TV.

Q. What do you like to do with your mom for fun? A. Play Sports & watch TV.
OK, so clearly I like that we play sports, but I think I need to lay off the t.v. watching. YIKES.

The best question of all...

Q. How much do you love your mom? A. TO THE MOON AND BACK!

I love you Grace Anne.

Thanks for a great afternoon.

You make my heart smile.