Fish & Cat

Grace taking in the huge fish tank at the Seattle Aquarium
Looking for sharks.

Close up.

Cheers it's lunch time.

Yeah the space Needle.

This was the best part of my Sunday. The kids falling asleep in the Bob after a long afternoon playing at the park!

This kitty woke up on the wrong side of her baby jogger.

2nd In State

Dad Emmit and I are your #1 Fans!
These two crazy kids trying to show us West Coasters how to tail gate.

Is mom glowing or is that the reflection of my orange shirt?

Nothing beats a cold beverage with a baby in your front.

Papa and Josh carbo loading before the game.

Ahhhh warm ups. Dreams are still alive. Opportunities are still there.

Jackson and Grace first tail gate.

Brooke and Kuba getting some practice. Brooke is due in two weeks!

Wild Jack!
Congrats dad to you and your team for being the 2nd best team in Washington State for high school lacrosse. Your team should be very proud.