First Report Card

Grace completed her swim class last night and recived her first report card. We were so proud of her and she was proud of herself as well.
Good job Grace.
We will be signing up for another level one class real soon.

30lbs of Rucksack...

I feel bad for Emmit. I feel like we hardly used our Kelty Back Pack with him. So this past weekend I decided to be real adventurous with him and wash my car with this 30lb of rucksack on my back. BOY was he heavy.

Please excuse my I just worked out then washed my car look I was going for on Sunday.

Wish Us Luck

This is my great attempt to teach Grace how to garden and most important how important eating fruit and vegtables is.

FYI- Grace will use the same carrot stick to eat an entire bowl of ranch salad dressing. Do I need to say more.

Wish us luck on our garden.



Emmit is often caught on the kitchen room table. Great parenting right? Well it takes him like 3 seconds to shimmey up there. He is crazy!

Jackson Turned 5

Jack turned 5 a few weeks ago. Peter and Angie gave him a great party at McDonalds. It lasted like an hour too long, but I think the kids enjoyed all the running around. Grace dosen't look so big standing next to her big cousin Jack.


Q & A With Grace

I know it's been over a week since my last post. What is happening to me? I have so many things I want to post about, but never make the time to getting it done. Am I alone? Are there other out there just like me?

You know you can really find out a lot about your kids, all you have to do is ask. Next time we will take the questions to a deeper level.
BTW all these questions were asked this morning to Grace as I was basically wrestling her to put her pants and socks on. The questions distracted her a little, but we were both out of breath by the end of this getting ready in the morning by 7:30am process.

Mom- Grace what is your favorite color?
Grace- Purple & Pink

Mom- Grace what is your favorite food?
Grace- Bread

Mom- Grace what do you want to be when you grow up?
Grace- Still a giant. ( Note sure what this means)

Mom- Grace was is your favorite cartoon character?
Grace- Kaou (sp?) Sprout Channel people check it out if you don't already

Mom- Grace who is your best friend?
Grace- Natalie ( sorry Ty!) We will work on you being her boyfriend.


Emmit's 15 month check up

Weight- 30.4lbs- 95.5%
Height- 33 inch- 90%
Head- 49.5cm- 95.5%

Emmit is growing fast and doing well. Emmit also received three shots. He cried. Then gave the doc a few high fives.

Emmit loves oranges and throwing all other food on the floor. He lovesto pull himself up onto tables and then leap into your arms. Totally not safe. He loves his sister and he loves to give the kisses, followed by a slap to the face. Totally normal for this age.

Emmit also likes to vaccum. Not sure where he learned this wonderful skill...

And yes Emmit my love you still sleep in your car seat. The doc thought this was funny and kind of different.

We love you little man.


Summer Olympics 2022 Here She Comes

We can all say it started with Water Wiggles at the very old Fidalgo Pool. A- town can we please pass this pool levy so we can have a respectable community pool?

The red head is Natalie. She has a case of I'm afraid to get my face wet. The boy sitting with the girls is Connor. We do not know him, but everyone at the pool knows his name becasuse the teacher is always repeating it. As for Grace she really likes to make sure people are watching her every move in the pool. Don't worry girl I am ready to dash, dart or dive into the pool for you.


Happy Easter

Happy Easter Weekend. Thank you to Grandma Laurie, Aunty Morgan, Uncle Ian and Cousin Carrie for making it such a fun weekend.


Play At Your Own Risk

I got to take 10 kids over to Canada yesterday to play at this indoor water slide pool and then to planet lazer. It was the most fun I've had on Wednesday in a long time.

My body is a little stiff, my neck I can barely move. This is most likely because I dominated in lazer tag and was rolling, running and diving taking these 8 to 12 year old kids out. I think I was the most competitive for sure. It was a work out for me, you should have seen how sweaty I was leaving this place.

Oh good times. I felt like I really earned my paycheck!