Guemes Island

This morning we went aboard the 5 minute ferry ride to Guemes Island, also known by locals as "Dog Island".
We had a great tour guide, long time A- Town resident Bob and his two beautiful girls Sally and Reese.
It was a great ride. Guemes is full of perfect country roads, friendly residents and great views.
Emmit enjoying his lunch break.

Grace, Reese and Sally at Anderson's Market.

This was at the end of our ride, waiting for the ferry. We all earned our beverages today:)

Self Portrait.

Emmit enjoying the free ride!

Emmit is the King of Guemes today.

Look who found a walking stick.

Reese had great speed on the ride today.

Bob and Sally keeping us on track.

Josh's butt is eating the seat. After seeing this picture Josh tells me that he needs a new bike.

Yeah for Guemes. Save the mountain.

Brew Master

Josh is brewing. His beer should be ready to enjoy in 7 to 10 days.
Josh tells me that you are supposed to drink beer while you brew. I say even if it is 11am on a Friday...