Pee Wee Basketball 2011

Grace started Pee Wee Basketball this morning for the Anacortes Parks Department and I have to say it was a trip watching her participate in a program that we have been running for the department for the last 10 years.
I was so proud of her today.
She worked hard and was a good listener.
I for sure had a smile from ear to ear watching my baby girl move station to station and do her best.
I have to say Basketball is not really our sport in our family, but boy could Grace bounce & chest pass.


The girl can cook

Called my friend Shawna ( little things blog) and asked if she wanted to come over last night for wine. Josh was out of town and was craving a little girl time. Well not only did she come over for wine, bring her beautiful sister Sunni, but she also cooked dinner for us.
Stuffed portabella mushrooms, cous cous and salad.
Ummm the flavors were WONDERFUL.
Thank you ladies for coming over and allowing my children to tug, pull and yank your hair all night long.


N Ave Beach

N Ave Beach or Park really is located, well at the end of N Ave. Great little spot to bring the family. Real sand and can't beat the views of the Guemes Channel.
Just another gem located on the most southern of the San Juan Islands.


Roller Girl

Abigail, Gabriel & Grace

Gabriel & Grace holding hands and hello who is the total scary guy looking directly at me in the back. Reason # 1 to teach your child the buddy system or to not go to skate king EVER without your mom or dad.

Taking a little break,

Ice cream time with her buddy Logan.

Hokey Poky Time

Grace stayed close to the red wall.
Thank you Ava ( Grace's friend from school) for inviting me I mean Grace to her 5th b-day party. It was SO much fun and something we are going to do again.


It's A Good Night...

It's a good night when you can get three best friends from childhood together.
Many of my laugh lines are from these two incredible ladies Sarah and Brooke and I thank you for that from the bottom of my heart.
Also, it is a extra special night when I get to wear my new cowgirl boots ( thanks to my daughter Grace).

Enjoying the smaller things

 Making cookies together.

 Playing play dough together just he and I.

And of course a couple rounds of peek and boo.

Emmit thanks dude for the wonderful morning of just you and I time on Friday. IT was WAY over dude and I enjoyed every minute of it.


Go Hawks

Emmit can you believe it the Hawks are winning at the half?

Grace's new Lebron James(sp?) Basketball Shoes. Someone starts Pee Wee Basketball in a few weeks.

Go Seattle Seahawks!
Go Anacortes Seahawks!


Happy Birthday Josh

Happy 32nd Birthday Josh
You deserve a nice cold one today love.
Love you to the moon and back and hope all your birthday wishes come true.
Cheers to you love.
Nothing but sepia tone loving for you.



This view on Sunday inspired me to think about this New Year.
I don't always make them, but after thinking about this New Year, I guess I got a few:

Drink more water.
Watch less and read more.
Break a sweat in the trails more often then just on Sunday’s.
Spend more time with those that matter the most to me.
Fight the fat in more then one way.
Drink fewer lattes.
Save more and spend less.
Smile more.
Make more eye contact. Especially with the ones I love.
Pass my CPRP (Certified Parks and Recreation Professional) exam by November of 2011.
Be a role model to my kids and eat more vegetables and fruits in front of them.

Bottom line in this New Year I want to become the best version of myself, what ever that may be as it is always evolving.

Happy New Year and best of luck (I know I’ll need some luck) to those of you who make a list of or just one resolution.

Thank you blogosphere for allowing me to share, more like over share all these New Year resolutions of mine.



New Years in the City

New Year's Day Breakfast at the Market.
Josh and I were lucky to get invited to a fancy wedding new years eve. We made the most of our 24 hours with no little ones and of course over indulged in every way.