It's Early

I know. To get the tree. But what can I say this is how we did it this year. No permits needed here my friends. On Whidbey Island they have this great tree farm where you cut your own, enjoy some holiday cheer and best of all they have Randolf the phoney baloney pony!

Let's decorate this.


Turkey Day 2010

Our first thanksgiving at our house with family, friends and snow. What a special day it was for all. There was to much food, never enough wine, homemade pies, a horse ride on our neighbors horse Ted, dancing in the kitchen and a little friendly neighborhood flag football game that happened this morning.
Pour yourself a tasty beverage, sit back and relax as you scroll down on the pictures from our turkey day.

Thankful for all my friends and family.


What a blessing it will be.

Today I am thinking of all the dishes I have to prepare for our first turkey dinner in our home with the Johnston family and my heart flutters a little with all the work I have yet to do for the big day.
Wait a minute. Those of you know me well, know that I am not doing the cooking. Josh has it covered, with his mom at his side I am sure everything will turn out fine.

I am in charge of setting the table, my sweet potato dish and well the blessing.

In a more serious note, when I think of the blessing on thanksgiving day I think of my dad. He does it well and he does it right.

"Thank you to those who are gather with us  today and  to all of those who have gather with us before and to all of those yet to gather. "

There is more of course, I mean it is my dad talking after all. But I hope I can make him proud by saying our family blessing tomorrow as we all gather around the table.

I am thankful for many things, but most of all I am thankful for my family, good health and of course La Crema Chardnay:)


It's Snowing

Just took these pictures from work.
Got to love a town that shuts down, stops work and gets VERY excited when it snows.
This town could not be more at sea level then what we are.
View from my office.
This dusting of snow might be hardly nothing to some, but for those of us who live on Fidalgo Island we slow down, cancel any school related activities and people like myself can't wait to go home and roll around in this beautiful white stuff.

Josh outside city hall

On our way to lunch at the deli.

Commercial Ave.

Unlike myself, City workers hard at work today.


Baby It is Cold Outside

What were we thinking?
There was ice on the swings at the playground.


Life Is Good Today

This is it.
We are moms.
 With our kids.
 Living in the moment.
 With the men out of town, we made the most of it and stayed up until 2am and solved all the world problems. 
Food, wine, friendship and face time.
Thank you Brookie Brooke to the moon and back for traveling north.
For being you and for drinking three bottles.
Below you will see a mix of photos from tonight.
Lucky for us we had our good friends Sally and Reese over for a sleep over. Don't worry their mom is Irish, they get it.

Prom 2027

We still got it.
Don't worry I did not rip my pants.