More Halloween Pics

Happy Halloween

That's right Grace is a monkey. Got to love Old Navy. This is just round one of our Halloween adventures today. Grace was a trooper this morning and put her costume on and came with me to a toddler party that I organized through work. Grace is down for her nap getting ready for the big trick or treat down town. More pics to come.



Best Friends

This past Friday Grace had her friend Natalie over for a little play date. It was a blast. OK, so I babysat Natalie Friday night and it was all Grace could talk about all day.
Grace and Natalie played with blocks, danced in high heels, ate pizza, took a bath and watched the movie PIG together. It was amazing to me that Grace all of a sudden wanted to play with ALL her toys.


Grandma & Me

This is a little late in posting, but a huge THANK YOU needs to go out to my mom for coming up last Friday to watch Grace in dance and to take us to lunch. It was more then great to spend the day with my mom. She always brings Grace clothes which we both like!
I can't get enough of the pics of Grace and her sweet little bum.

Terrible Two's Come Early

OK, so maybe Grace is not two just yet but she is sure showing signs of the famous "terrible two's".
Everything is hers or as she would put it "MINE".
Words cannot explain the look on her face when she doesn't get her way. Picture a low brow line and big pout lips.

Despite the signs of the "terrible two's" I love this little girl.

I love that she sees her dad wearing his coaching clothes and yells out "football".

I love that she thinks anything black and square shape is a telephone and then talks to it. This past weekend we made our usual trip to the library to look for books on pooping in the toilet, moving into a toddler bed and of course Elmo. While we were there Grace saw older kids using the computers. So Grace climbed up into a seat and pretended to type and talked into the mouse like it was a telephone.

I love that Grace is always asking us "Whats That?" to everything. She looks at my large stomach with her head tilted to the side and says "Whats That?" then I tell her that is wear the baby is growing. She often times pauses and then ask me again "Whats That?".

I love that Grace can be talked into anything if you guarantee her that she will see horses or get some juice.

I love that Grace likes to wear her Tu Tu around the house.

I love that when Grace is naked she likes to show it all off and run a few laps around the house before getting into the tub.

I could go on and on why I love Grace, but most of all the reasons I love Grace is because she in mine.

Play Date With Brooke

This past Friday my girl Brooke drove north to visit with Grace and I and to come to dance class with us. Brooke brought her fancy camera and took some AMAZING shots of my little girl. Brooke was a full participant in the class, Grace showed her how to play with the scarfs, hot to side step and how to beat the drums.

Thank you Brooke for making the trip north to visit us.


House UpDate

The outside is almost done and starting to all look like just one house.

The inside still needs some work.

Typical Monday Night At The House

Typical Monday night at the house is
Josh and Grace watching Monday
night football. Yes, Grace likes football and Josh has taught her to say " Get Them" in a aggressive little girl voice.

And yes that is our only TV, it's square and big. The Zenith was a gift from Josh to me while I was in college.

We are hoping one day to join the rest of you and get a flat screen.

This is Why I Love This Guy

This is why I love my dad. This is a picture of my dad at one of his volleyball games dancing during the warm ups!


After reading my email WOW ( Wildcats on Wednesday's) I came across a degree at CWU that I wish was available when I was a student there.

A degree in Wine!