Gangnam Style

Josh and Grace danced the night away with Pat and Tatum and I think everyone had a great time.
We went with the Hawaiian theme this year and the girls were in paradise.
Grace told Josh that he was a good dad on their car ride home last night and when Grace woke up today she told me that last night was funnnnnnnnnnnn.
When I ask Grace what her favorite part of the Daddy Daughter Dance was she of course said the cookies and dancing to Gangnam Style!

These pictures make my heart smile!


A Day Off

Actually we've had the last 4 days off, but on Saturday Josh and I had FREEDOM. What I mean is that we were without kids for a whole day so we choose to ski with my parents and my best friend Brooke and her hubby Kuba.
We shredded some pow.
Got nar nar on the backside, but most of all we smiled a lot and drank a pint or two to celebrate our President's Day and our 7 hours of freedom together.

Thanks to all for a great ski day.

Lets do it again, like REAL soon.


Love Is

Hugging your dog.
Giving your best "yeah baby " point the finger and wink look.
Wearing hearts on your face and
Smiling with your eyes to just name a few.

Can't wait to spend the night with all my loves over a heart shaped pizza tonight.

Happy Valentines Day!



Two kids sleeping in the car.


Notice Something

Notice something different?

That's right NO more training wheels.

He is so proud of himself, but his mom and dad are even more proud!

Classic Grace said the following right after Emmit took off all on his own this Saturday.

" wow it took me a lot longer to ride without my training wheels uh mom"

Oh Grace. Got to love her.