Game Shoes

Let me introduce Grace's new game shoes. Ok, they are not new, someone from the APRD gave them to me. I brought them home and Grace has to decided to call them her game shoes. I am not making this up, when I write that she went to bed in them last night. I had to hide them today so she wouldn't be walking around in soccer cleats all day.
Someone is ready for fall soccer.
With game shoes, comes game water. Grace asked for water and calls it her game water when she is wearing these shoes.
I tell you Grace keeps us entertained more then any entertainment news show out there.

Friday Night Mayhem

After our sweet birthday party for Natalie we went across the street to Adrift where they have the best food in town. We sat outside. Josh ordered a beer and I ordered a glass of red. We ordered our food. Not more then 5 minutes into this beautiful dining experience we almost had to get the food to go. Not sure I need to explain, but trying to keep a toddler to sit still after a cupcake and feeding a baby with many distractions around, it was a little crazy.
With a lot of bribes and promises to Grace we were able to enjoy our meals. OK I inhaled mine. Why do I eat so fast? Just trying to get it all in before a melt down occurs I guess.

Grace's BFF Turns 3

Happy Birthday Natalie. You are a princess!
Cool party at Johnny Picasso's Pottery. Grace spent a total 4 minutes painting her pony.

7 Months

Emmit is 7 months.
He loves to chew on his feet.
He loves to crawl backwards, which should explain the photo of him almost under the couch.
He loves his sister.
He has 2 teeth.
He sleeps an average of 4 hours in his crib, then he ends up in bed with us.
He is perfect in every way. We are so lucky to have him.