Christmas 2012

The Christmas celebrations with our families started out great! Trip to my parents house, making pizza with grandpa and relaxing by the fireplace.
Christmas Eve things took a turn.
It started with Emmit not feeling well enough to open presents with his cousins and quickly it turned into full on flu by dinner time.

We got in the car and heading home for Christmas Day to be spent at our house with friends and the Johnston Family. Thank goodness for the puke bowl my dad handed us as we said our goodbyes x mas eve, because boy we sure needed it.

After a sleepless night and one sick child Christmas morning came. All was shinny and bright under the tree. Santa had brought Grace her doll house she so wished for and Emmit his remote control helicopter. Grace ripped through paper as if it was a sporting event. She was excited, she was all a little girl should be on such an occasion.

Emmit sat in my lap and I opened his presents for him. A little waves of happiness and glee came from him, but mostly he just wanted his mama. Josh got some sweet electronics, Auntie Morgan got a bike and I got the FLU!

I was out. Like in my bed, near a toilet, in the shower for three days. Thank goodness for Grandma Laurie and Morgan who played with the kids and gave them lots of attention. And thank GOD for Josh as he literally did it all while I was down and out.

It will be a holiday to remember! We are all back and feeling well!

Well the tree is down already, decorations are neatly packed away until next year, Grace has turned 6 and I feel like I am ready for the new year. A new year full of adventures, more family time, less work and good health.

Happy New Year!