The Visit

I haven't felt like blogging in some time, not until I spent some time going through my camera and laughing ,smiling and thinking of all the good times that we just had from our VISIT with our friends the Edward's family.

If only they lived down the road or in AMERICA!

Our friends, Sara, Josh, Billy, Patrick and Evie came all the way from Australia and took a little stop on their USA tour and spent 5 days with us.

It was a excellent visit and I tried my best to capture every minute of it.

I was happy to see them pull up in their car at the park when they first arrived and I was sad to hug them all good bye this morning as I went to work.

I though about each one of them all day and how great they were to me, my family and how well all the kids got along.

Last time we saw Sara and Josh was seven years ago. A lot and a little has changed!

Here are just a few of my favorite pics from our sweet time together.

Can't wait to see this family again!