Daddy Daughter Dance 2010

Last night Josh & Grace went to the daddy daughter dance. It was a great night, my dad came up to attend as well. Grace is leading the way.
This was the last time Josh saw Grace for the night. Basically Grace chased after the older girls and danced with little Tatum all night. Josh was getting denied all night from Grace every time he asked to dance with her.

We all know little Grace never passes the opportunity for a cup cake. Can you blame her?

OK, so Josh got at least one dance in with Grace, however she kept a close eye on her older friends.

If Grace and Tatum can't see very clear today, it is because they spent a good part of their time looking into this light.

Dance # 2 of the night.

Grandpa got a dance in as well.

Hands down Grace and Tatum were the cutest!

Tatum can you teach me this dance move? I think this is the bend and snap.

Grace, Tatum and the big girl Reese dancing up a storm.

Grace danced with Reese all night.

Thanks to all the dads who brought their daughters to my dance. It a was a special night and is hands down one of the most favorite parts of my job.
Special thanks need to go out to my dad for dancing with me and for helping with the clean up.


Tumbling Class

Today Grace started tumbling class. What a hoot. Who says that anymore?
A true Brosseau sticking her tongue out.

The bear crawl.

This has open the door to Grace possibly breaking her neck at home trying to somersault.

Grace showing the kids how it is done.

Best part of class is for sure the running around.

Waiting for her sticker.

Grace is quick at making friends. Here is her new friend Emma from class. How cute is she.

A look back at the DDD

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Daddy Daughter Dance 2008
Daddy Daughter Dance 2007
It's almost here...
Daddy Daughter Dance 2010
this Saturday, Feb. 27Th.


Hold On

Other kids always have the better toys is basically what Grace told me after riding our neighbor boy Garret's motor vehicle. My kids should totally have helmets on here.
Grace and Garrett.

Super Kids

Super Grace, Ty, Tatum & Emmit
Thanks to my friend Kelsey for making my kids some super capes that each had their letter on the back.


Zoo Play Date

A day with your best friend and the kids at the zoo was a special treat today. Cannon is pumped for the zoo. Emmit is thinking, why is Cannon's mom making so high pitch sounds...
Yeah let's go to the zoo.

Brooke it was a special day with you at the zoo. It seems just like yesterday you and I were at the zoo eating popcorn in our yellow and blue ponchos in the 1st grade. You are a a great mom a true friend and I am lucky to have you.

Just like old times,ok minus the kids...

How great to see some friends from my childhood last night. My memories with these two girls Lindsey and Sandy go deep. These gals started out as just being my brother Peter's classmates and friends and quickly I became apart of their circle as well. For the record we are missing Mrs. Mandy.
Here we all are with our youngest and well with Lindsey first child.
Beautiful Lindsey and her son Olin.

Lindsey + Me +Sandy= A Good Time

Emmit, Jackson, Olin, Grace and baby Brooke.
(Not in this picture is Austin & Carly)

Isn't Baby Brooke the cutest.Emmit sure thinks so.

Emmit giving Brooke the eyes.
Emmit going in for the kiss.
Emmit this is your first official kiss that is not your sister or mom.

OK, Emmit I think Brooke has had enough.

Brooke trying to get away.


Is this normal?

Yes, this is a picture of my son (13 months) sleeping in his infant car seat. We think he is training to be astronaut. It's weird and not normal, but it WORKS.
Do you think he is too big for it?


Just can't get enough...

We love the Prentice Family. Ryan went to college with Josh and I and he happen to marry one of the coolest girls ever.
Megs is a inspiration for fashion, decorating and blogging. She is always keeping me entertained with her Miss Hadley Blog.

Hadley (almost 3) is like a foot taller then Grace. Those two played well together and the kids were all kind enough to keep quiet while the adults were able to chug, I mean drink slowly like responsible adults on a Sunday evening. Maybe the fact that we allowed them, including Emmit to help themselves to mini cupcakes and pizza all night.

Ryan I must admit, I remember you having more hair in college.
Just like good old times, I tell you.

Meg is a natural with the little ones, must be the fact that she works with children and can make some silly faces.

Hadley Jane is pretty darn cute.

Grace you did good girlfriend sharing the toys.

Thank you Prentice Family for the Sunday evening visit. Next time you spend the night...