Hat Season Is Here.

For those of you who know me best, understand that I enjoy rocking a good hat all winter long. Apparently so do my kids! Say Cheese!
Sorry Emmit, your girls just giving you some love.
I love my little 23lb 9 month baby boy!
"Say what" Is Grace's new thing to say.

Lemonade For Sale

This past weekend was the Oyster Run in Anacortes and we were having a biker gear sale and we decided to pimp out our daughter on the street corner with a sweet lemonade stand so that she may bring in some customers. It didn't work. But Grace did make $7.25 to go towards her Pony Fund!! Grace checking out her money.
Grace drinking all of her lemonade.

Grace getting a closer look at her table of lemonade stuff.

"Get your lemonade".