Pacific Northwest Toddler

Sandals and sock in the winter time. Your one of us.
(Grace's idea, not mine)


It's starting to look a lot like...

Christmas. This is the wreath that I decorated today. I think this is as crafty as I get.
Josh putting up x-mas lights. Heights are his favorite:)

Grace making a M & M Christmas tree. Sorry Emmit, you will get to make a tree next year.

Final product.

Grace ate most of the M & M's big surprise.


Happy Thanksgiving

Where do I begin. There is a lot to be thankful for this year. I am most thankful for dinners with my family, coming home to healthy children, kisses from my husband, to have a job, close friends, doctors at Children's Hospital, but most of all I am thankful for my family. The Cousins
The cousins. Only one more Brosseau cousin to go. That's right my brother and wife Angie are expecting their 3rd child. Yup they are crazy:)

Proud Grandpa!

Lot of love in this picture.


Go Wildcats

Congrats to Central Washington University as they continue the fight to become Division 2 Football Camps! We are your #1 fans!

Of all the places...

Of all the places to play Emmit..

Ohhh la la

Something I enjoy about our little Grace is that she loves a good dress up. Here she is in a dress that I brought for a 80's prom themed b-day party! I promise I did not wear this dress to a dance in high school. Grace making a full turn here in the kitchen.
Work it little girl.

What is most impressive it that she did that turn wearing these zebra print heels.
I can't even wear those without getting a cramp in my calves.
Love you Grace. You are always entertaining us.


This story is for strong stomachs ONLY

So last night after Josh made another AMAZING dinner ( he likes when I compliment him on his dinner and clearly I don't do that enough) we were cleaning up and I had taking the kids clothes off and diapers.
This is when the story takes a turn.
Josh and I look over and there it is a sight to be seen. Emmit is sitting in his poop with it all over his body, the carpet, the toy in front of him, the wall right next to him and yes in his MOUTH!!!

I told you this story was for only those with a strong stomach. Trying not to puke myself I quickly rushed the little pooper upstairs and gave him a good scrub and even brushed his teeth with bubblegum flavored toothpaste.

It was just another exciting Wednesday night.

Sorry no pictures were taking of this event, trust my word it was SICK.


11 months

Clearly this photo was taking before you were the walking machine you are today!

Emmit is 11 months today. Starting to sound like a broken record, but boy I cannot believe it. Emmit is a breath of fresh air to Josh and I. He is full of personality and joy. He is walking everywhere, he is also strong as a bull and is starting to dominate his 40lb sister.

Emmit is 24lbs and 29 inches long. Keep growing little man, we expect a full ride to some where fabulous so your dad can re- live his football career and I can sneak Bailey's and coffee into games again!
Emmit you are our little baby boy and we love you to the moon and back. We will let you end up in our bed for as long as you want ( ok maybe not after the age of 8) and will hold you in our arms until you are into deep sleep for as long as you want as well, because you are our baby and we will love you forever and always.


Cave B

Thank you Heidi, Brooke and Sarah for a much needed girls weekend. Thank goodness someone is turning 30 soon (Sarah) so we all had a reason to drink too much wine, eat yummy food and dance our hearts out in the hotel room!
The view of Gorge from Cave B is absolutely worth the trip over the mountains.

Heidi and Sarah enjoying a little cocktail! Don't worry that is just OJ in Sarah's glass. She is due to have a baby this February!

The room was stocked with goodies for us all to enjoy.

On our way to the tasting room!

God I love these two girls Brooke & Sarah.

Brooke was reporting live from Cave B all weekend in that posh rain jacket!

Oh the good laughs we all shared.

The tripod together again and my girl Brooke starting to feel that dirty martini.

Happy early Birthday Sarah. You look amazing.

Thank you ladies for a great weekend of good friends, food and wine.


10 months and walking...

So we have reached a pretty big mile stone in the Johnston house. Emmit is on the move and has started to walk. We are excited for the little guy. Sorry about the angle of the camera.


Best Part Of the Halloween Night

After the downtown trick or treat and a few adult beverages later Kelsey and I took the "big" kids trick or treating in the hood. This picture really says it all!

Yee Haw

After trick or treating we went across the street from our house and saw some horses. Boy did we have a special treat. Grace is sharing her candy with the horse.
Here she is on the horse we will just call him "Patch" as that is what she calls all horses.

Horses need to eat.

Something about this photo I just love. Grace was so comfortable around this large animal it was truly amazing.

Downtown Trick or Treat

Got to love a town that has a down town trick or treat. These two boys had the best costume down town. It's a small town so of course I know who the kids are. Party On Boys!
Here are the kids in their costumes ready for candy.

Emmit got to be the lobster as well. However this lobster can walk. More on that later.

Howdy partner!

The moms!

Say cheese Emmit & Tatum!

I can't get enough of making these two either hold hands or kiss one another. Grace and Ty at it once again.

Family shot.