Photo Shoot

I don't consider myself a photographer.
I am not a professional.
I just thought to myself this last week, "YOU CAN DO IT".
A stop at the gap outlet to buy some clothes with no holes or pictures of Justin Bieber on them and I was ready for my photo shoot this morning.

Grace and Emmit were good sports for the most part. My next career I know for sure I will not be a kids photographer.

Below are just a few of the snaps that I took this morning all under one hour. Two locations were used. Only one outfit used. No flash, no filters, just the real natural light and my two kids. One of maybe a few of these pics will go on the Johnston Holiday card!


Forever Young

It is moments like today that I will remember and will most likely make me cry as I watch you get older.
Forever young Emmit.


She is #1 in your program.
She hustles down the court.
She looks you in the eye when defending.
She plays defense on both sides of the court, regardless who has the ball.
She takes a lot of shots.
But the best thing she does when she is playing basketball for her team The Falcons is that she smiles the entire time.
So proud of my little player and her team dad!

Halloween 2013

This year once again the amazing Grandma Laurie made  costumes that transformed Emmit into Yoda and Grace into a zombie/ witch lady.

Thank you Grandma Laurie for another great year of costumes.

The tradition is still alive.

Downtown trick or treat, followed by pizza at home with friends, then hitting the pavement knocking on doors and seeing who can get the most candy.