Teeth Are Clean

Grace went to the dentist for her first teeth cleaning visit and everything looked good and she did a great job. She got to pick out herself some pretty sweet sunnies as well.

Josh and I are just the most amazing parents whose children have perfect teeth cleaning riturals.

Um YEAH RIGHT! I am totally JOKING about the sentence above.

Serioulsy I am suprised that Grace had such a good report from the dentist. Grace cleans her teeth as much as she eats her vegtables. Those of you who know Grace well know what I am talking about.

It's a miracle really, but you know what I will take it and yeah I will try to get her to at least brush once a day and at least floss a few days before her next visit!

Where the Eagles Fly

Is where most likely you will catch Josh and his teacher crew on any giving day after the contract day has come to a end.
That is right, Josh is officially a members of the men's Eagles Club of Anacortes or shall I say drinking club! Either way he is pretty excited about his new call to order with his frat brothers whose average age is 79!

I love you babe and I am happy that your happy. HOWEVER, if you start going there EVERYDAY then your in BIG trouble!