Pee Wee Baseball 2011

Pee Wee Power

Grace playing catch with me! Doesn't she just look thrilled :)

Here is Grace with her group at my station. Emmit off to the side just hanging out.

This is Grace's friend Jack from school

Yesterday Grace got her first taste of pee wee baseball with me.
Our pee wee program is for kids 4-6 years old. You noticed Emmit who is only 2 in many pictures as well, because he also thought he was at pee wee baseball.
Did not have the heart to tell him to sit off to the side. He just followed Grace around the stations and basically distracted the other kids. Can you say Tot T- Ball? I'm going to work in that for next Spring for sure.
Grace had many friends from school at pee wees so she was excited to see them all.