Best Part Of the Halloween Night

After the downtown trick or treat and a few adult beverages later Kelsey and I took the "big" kids trick or treating in the hood. This picture really says it all!

Yee Haw

After trick or treating we went across the street from our house and saw some horses. Boy did we have a special treat. Grace is sharing her candy with the horse.
Here she is on the horse we will just call him "Patch" as that is what she calls all horses.

Horses need to eat.

Something about this photo I just love. Grace was so comfortable around this large animal it was truly amazing.

Downtown Trick or Treat

Got to love a town that has a down town trick or treat. These two boys had the best costume down town. It's a small town so of course I know who the kids are. Party On Boys!
Here are the kids in their costumes ready for candy.

Emmit got to be the lobster as well. However this lobster can walk. More on that later.

Howdy partner!

The moms!

Say cheese Emmit & Tatum!

I can't get enough of making these two either hold hands or kiss one another. Grace and Ty at it once again.

Family shot.