Emmit Loves The Pool

And So Does Josh...


Finally I got to meet baby Cannon James last night. Cannon is Brooke and Kuba's baby boy that is 1 month today. I can't believe this is the first time that I have had a chance to meet him, but boy was he worth the wait. He is such a cutie and so perfect.

Cannon is one lucky boy. His parents are pretty cool people.

It was a joy to watch our kids play and hang out together. It seems just like yesterday Brooke and I were little kids ourselves.

Brooke you are amazing and you are a great mom.

What The Heck Fest

Notice Josh's handy man work on his new work bench he built this week.

I think Josh is posing here, not sure...

Kuba and Josh took to the bikes to get them down to the bars to part take in some What the Heck Fest music.

Under the Stars

This past Friday I put on a event called the "Family Camp out" through my work. This year I had Grace spend the night with me under the stars. She had a blast running with the big kids, eating hot dogs and coloring with permanent pen on her arms.
If your wondering what that lovely scab is on Grace's face, well she fell in her game shoes this week on the bleachers and well hit her face. She is learning to pick her feet up more in those game shoes.

Bath Time

Bath time with the kids just got a little more entertaining these last two weeks.