My Rugby Playing Aunt

Not sure what is going on ere, but Morgs is lifting her teammate up by her shorts.

Lots of lower body strength going on here.

This hourse liked Josh's jacket.

Grace & I just taking it all in.

Warm ups.

That took a lot of courage for Morgs to wear that shirt in front of 3 WildCats.

Run Grace run, Aunty Morgs is going to tackle you and it will hurt.

Again not sure what is happening, but it is intense.

This weekend Grace and the Johnston family heading north to Bellingham to watch the WWU Flames ( aka the rugby team) kick some butt on a team from CA. I realized why I only lasted one week at CWU playing rugby. These chicks are hard and very aggressive. Good thing there were horses near by to distract Grace from all the rough play, although I do think she was very entertained by it all.

Aunty Morgan (Josh's little sis) is number 1 on the team. We are so proud of her, she is like really good at this sport. What I am amazed at is that they all kick the you know what out of each other, then they go have one big social together. Love that.