People to People

Last night we went to our good friends fund raiser for their daughter Sally who was chosen as an ambassador for Anacortes for the People to People program. Kids in grade school get to go on an amazing adventure to Europe where they will see the sights and meet other kids in the program from all over.

The location, the Croatian Club.

The food, a real pig roast.

The music, three local bands including Bobby V's band.

And the people, local, real and a little earthy whatever that means.

The Pig. The kids for sure took a double look at this.

Josh and Lisa J playing a little Frisbee at Causland before the party.

Zinnia &  E playing on the War Memorial.

The Brian  Frank & Bob Band

Emmit catching the rhythm to the world beats.

The Violins

Sally, Grace and Claire

Sally thanking the crowd.