Lot's of Movement

All I feel is movement in my growing stomach. This little baby boy or girl is full of energy and strength. The baby kicks so hard it sometimes stops me in my tracks.

We finally move into the new part of our house this week. Could not be more happy to set up the new rooms for both of the kids.

Kids. WOW that sounds weird to type. Still has not hit me that I will be a mother to two children.

Big things are happening this week. Grace is moving into a "BIG GIRL" bed thanks to the grandparents.

Only 5 weeks to go until the new baby comes!

Keeping up with Grace and the addition to the house has made this pregnancy go by SO fast.

For those wanting to know, I'm up 25 lbs!! Yikes. I won't share what weight I started at. I'll just share that I am glad that my husband is a big strong guy so I don't have to worry about weighing more then him!