Oh Leavenworth

Josh shared stories of walking through the town with his parents and getting stung by his first bee in front of the ice cream shop and I shared stories of my brother and I watching my parents give us $5 each as they drank beer and clinked glasses in a beer garden they we could not go into.

No really, we shared , OK I over shared everything that I know about camping in Leavenworth, WA. Some people got to go to Lake Chelan, Hawaii, Cannon Beach  or where ever else with their families growing up. I got to go camping for weeks at a time at Eight Mile Campground, located well about 8 miles up the canyon.
You know what?
I would not have changed it for the world. Something about dipping into that icy cold river each summer makes you feel alive and freaking cold as nuts! I am happy that my parents got me outside!
Enjoy below a few pics from our first Johnston Family camping trip to Leavenworth. It was only one night, but what the heck I documented the heck out it.

Even though we ate out, went to the community pool, hat shop, ice cream shop and petting farm on the way out of town. It still felt like we were really camping.

Maybe next time we will get the kids up on the rock and then stare at the sun for 8 hours at the swimming hole!