Daddy Daughter Dance 2011

2011 Daddy Daughter Dance with my Dad

# 1 Dad Right Here

Grace and Josh entering the dance. ( Little did Josh know this was the last time he was going to see his daughter that night)

Grace checking the scene and keeping a look out for her friends.

Grace and Josh Daddy Daughter Dance 2011

Pat and Tatum Daddy Daughter Dance 2011

Grace's BFF from school Natalie.

Josh getting the one and only dance from Grace that night to Taylor Swift of course.

Grace was way more into dancing with her friends. Here she is with Reese.

Grace eating her 2nd plate of sweets...

Zinnia and Grace deciding if they should stay and do the chicken dance.

Pat and Josh father's of the year as well. Not only did they take their daughters to the dance, but the four of them also took the girls out to dinner. They all  had cheese burgers and fries and the dads took in a few pints!

A special thank you to all the dads and daughters who made this 7th Annual APRD event a special night to remember. A special thank you to my own dad who helped me cut cake, check the dads and daughters in and for dancing with me.

Josh didn't really get a chance to dance with Grace this year, but I think he still had a good time and of course there is always next year!