The Year of the Bikes

Christmas Day the kids woke up to a tree full of presents and bikes that SANTA left for them.  It was some what warm outside on Christmas Day so we were outside going for bike rides before 9am.

We were happy to spend Christmas in our home and glad that Auntie Morgan was able to join us.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was a full day of eating, drinking, eating and yes more drinking. Then when you get 5 kids all under the age of 5 with no naps, amped up on sugar and WAY too much apple juice under the tree waiting to open up their presents, you have the most perfect Christmas Eve!
Thank you mom, dad, Papa and Indira for feeding us and for letting us TOTALLY take over your house for three days.

Everything but the kitchen sink...

OK, so we traveled to my parents house for some eve of the Christmas Eve celebration and basically we packed everything but the kitchen sink.