Oh It Was Jolly

Christmas Eve At Grandma & Grandpa with the cousins. Priceless. Thanks to Grandma D all 5 of them were in matching holiday outfits, that they thought was cool.
 Carly and Grace = double trouble.

 I think Jackson's face pretty much sums it up.
 Twas the night before x mas...
 Christmas Morning at Home
 Yeah, Emmit Santa really did buy you a drum kit.
 Grace is very excited about her new gift from Santa.

 I am one lucky mom. Look what I got for x mas from the kids.
 Thank you GREAT GRANDMA GRACE for the guitars.

 Christmas dinner with the Sleepers.
 Which means there was a lot of this going on.

Hope you all had a wonderful x mas. I think most of us would agree that the best part was being with my family and friends over this long holiday weekend.