Saturday Afternoon In A- Town

Yes, that is Josh drinking a beer through a straw. Please don't call CPS on us.

Grace thinks is good for dad to have a straw in his beer!

I am such a poser...

Love this kid.

Dosen't get much better then being with these people.

Good boy Emmit, letting mom relax and enjoy her beer.

Some good parenting here. Grace had to get strapped in and I let her put my lip gloss on so she would stop screaming

As a family we started out the afternoon walking downtown to a new event "Garden Art Show" at the depot. It wasen't that exciting, maybe if Josh and I were 55 or older. Then we decided to head South on Commercial and hit up one of the two places where you can drink beer legally with your child in the same area. The Rockfish. Two beers later, mama's feeling real good.

3 Weeks Post Surgery

Emmit is healing up. We go to Children's next week for his post surgery appointments. We are all ready for his stints to come out.
Where is Emmit getting this red hair from?