Game 1

Today was game one for my soccer team.
I have to say I was a little scared that we would be too busy making our own team mates cry and not want to run up and down the field.
I was pleasently surprised to see that my team, Electric Eels were game day performers.
The went for the ball. Everyone took shots on goal and most important they had fun.
Grace was excited to play against her good friend Ty and to have scored two goals for her team. It was more then great to be a parks and rec coach today and even better that I was coaching my own kid.


A couple of weeks ago we decided to jump on a ferry and see where it took us.
Ok I am totally lying. I am too TYPE A to do that. It was planned from start to finish.
We took the 2:20pm to Friday Harbor for some fish & chips, cold beer and of course ice cream.
What we also found was a Whale Museum and how much fun running on a ferry really is.

Grandma Time

These two kids are lucky to have had some one on one time with their grandma's this summer. I need to document this on the blog and make sure that those grandma's know how much we LOVE and appreciate them!

We love our Grandma's.