Party Time

We celebrated Emmit's 2nd birthday with a few of our friends and family last night. Boy was a good time had by all, some more then others (dad) but I will not mention any names.
Tatum, Hadley, Grace, Carly, Ty & Jack

The kids helping Emmit with his gifts.

Me trying to keep the peace while the kids helped Emmit with his gifts.
It was a little hot in the room to say the least.

Best gift of the night for sure. Just look at Emmit's face.

Thank you Grandma & Grandpa for the full Seattle Seahawks uniform and HELMET.

I think Grace and Hadley touched every cup cake.

After Josh put the helmet on, we all thought it was a good idea to give it a try as well. Ok so maybe not everyone put the helmet on, but check out those that did.

Coach Swapp

No neck Billy Brosseau

Surprisingly this helmet fit Ryan perfect.

Jar Bear

Josh's not so little brother Ian

Brookie Brooke

The graduate

Megs & baby Carson

The Army Football team's # 1 fan Aunt Indira

Grandma Laurie

Grandma D Train
 Ok, I know that was a lot of football heads to look at.
My two dads.

Wish these two crazy girls lived down the street.

Can you just feel the love? This is a Papa sandwich for sure.

Emmit just thinking when Grandpa is going to give him the helmet back.

Cannon ball James taking a close look at the Santa photo.

Thank you Kelsey for the first GUN. Emmit has not let go of the dang thing.

Amy ( Jared's wife) and Grace doing a little country dancing with their boots on.

After reviewing the photos from the night, Grace wanted in on the football helmet photos.

I think Emmit had a good time at his party. I mean a good enough time that he ended the night with no pants on!
Thanks to all who made the trip North and for those that just traveled over 41st street hill to come to Emmit's birthday celebration.  Emmit for sure was surrounded by love!

The College Grad

Morgan Anne Johnston we applaud you for your major achievement of graduating from
Western Washington University.
Go out there kid and make it your master piece. The sky is the limit.
Travel and explore all that you can. 
Your family is REALLY proud of you.

The Graduate!