Future Heart Breakers

This was the scene of Grace's last dance class for this session. Her and Natalie of course were inseparable.
What's next for little Ms. Grace?

The pool...

Bloggers get ready to watch these two ladies hit the deck and make a splash!

Whats new with little Grace. Well she is not so little.
She loves anything to do with a princess. She likes to dress like a princess, sing like a princess and dance llike a princess.
Grace is the queen of "shhhhhhhing" anyone who is too loud around her sleeping baby brother.
She loves pizza, her rain boots and her boy Emmit.
Don't get me wrong it's not all sunshine and peaches.
Grace has a strong personality and has started to lay down on her stomach and kick at times when she is told no. It's so funny. She also talks with her hands and will shake her hand no no when she doesn't want to do something she needs to do.
Got to love it.