Thank goodness for holidays so we can have moments like this.
Cate-almost 1

Come on sunshine...

Keep coming out so we can do a little more of this.


Tulips Are Out

Tulips are out and thanks to the best Aunt Nonie & Papa the kids got to take a trip to the tulip fields yesterday.


How did you spend your Saturday morning?

Emmit sets up his drum set anytime we are playing music in the kitchen these days.

Somebody get this future rock star a drum kit...


PJ Day At School

Logan H & Grace waiting for the bell

Grace SO excited for PJ Day you would have thought Santa was coming today.

Grace and Miss Louise

Natalie, Grace, Logan H & Carmen striking a pose.
 Tonight we have movie night in these PJ for the school.

Can you guess which Recreation Coordinator mom volunteered to head the family fun night up?

I know I am crazy.

I do it all for you little Miss Grace...


Fancy Nancy Spa Day

Today was spa day. I mean it was Oohh La La Spa Day at the Anacortes Parks & Recreation Department.
We decorated eye mask.
Did our nails.
Made homemade facials.
Relaxed with cucumbers on our eyes.
Enjoy a tasty treat and read a Fancy Nancy Story.

As always it was a special TREAT to have my little Fancy Nancy at the party today and to take the time to do the fun girly stuff with her.


Gondi Ride & Tube Park

Grace took this photo of Josh!

Grace took this photo of herself.

Again Grace has the camera.

Love those rosy cheeks

Grace is getting into the camera mode here

Again nice shot Grace. Get this girl a studio!
Found these pictures on my other camera today from the Coca Cola Tube Park from our Whistler vacation and wanted to share.
It was sweet and a perfect way to spend a few hours with the kids.