First Day of School

Ok it is the first day of school for Josh. Everyone in the house was ready for school including Grace and Emmit who are wearing some new clothes and sporting a back pack with her lunch in it and a book and her "make ups" aka chap stick.
Love back to school time. New pencils, paper, hair cuts and the big dilemma of what to wear on photo day.
Check out the kids this morning, ready for daycare school!.

Just love this little sassy girl to pieces. I told her to strike a pose and this is what she did.

Showing us her back pack.

Brother and sister...
Slowly falling off the chair...

Off the chair...

Emmit is starting to get the right idea, smile when the camera comes out.
On a more serious note, I am so glad I have another year before Grace is ready for pre- school. Sending her to school with a big desk and a room full of kids and a teacher means she is GROWING UP.