Run Like A Mother

OK so I've started reading.
I know those of you who know me well are thinking great Nicole is reading People and In Style magazine cover to cover.
No friends this time I am actually reading books.
I've joined a book club about three months ago and it has been the best thing ever for me. Let's not get excited for me the meaning of book club is different to all of us. This book club is perfect for me. We pick random books, talk about them for like 5 minutes when we meet once a month then we drink wine. It's the perfect club for me.

Last night I picked up a sweet book called " Run Like A Mother" it was a gift from my mother. For all you ladies out there who have families and who like to run or workout in any form you have to pick this book up. It is a must to have on your night stand.

Last night I could not put the book down. Within the first chapter I smiled, teared up and laughed out loud.

I am motivated to put on my new running shoes and hit the pavement this afternoon. Do I dare say it, I am kind of motivated to sign up for a MARATHON.
I said kind of.

It's a good read so far and while I am reading it I can't but help think of all the cool moms ( Brooke, Sarah, Kelsey, Meghan, Indira, Diane, Sandy, Barb, Michelle to name a few) who run, run/walk, walk fast, push double strollers or even crawl LIKE A MOTHER!!


Party At The Brosseau's

That is right the first party of the summer at the Brosseau's was this weekend. It was full of bubbles, water balloons, good food, too many drinks and most important good people.

P.S. People you too can have the same stylish hat that I was wearing all weekend long. A little store called Target has them for sale $10.

Friends & Babies

When ever I go down to my parents I try to get it all. Time with my friends and family. This trip down I did not get to see all my friends (The Brown Family), but I for sure got to see three ladies that I admire as moms and was glad to be around. Brooke & Cannon, Sarah and her kids Beau & Charollte and Meg & Hadley. It was a great weekend of visiting with my friends.

Weekend At Grandma & Grandpa's

Grace and Emmit got to enjoy a special day and sleep over with their cousin's Jack and Carly. It was full of McDonald's, trips to the play ground, running around the house and sleeping in the tent with Grandpa.


Messy Me

Yesterday I took the kids to my Messy Me class that I teach through the Parks Dept. It was great fun and for sure my kids know how to get messy.