Insert Foot In Mouth

Last week I was on my soap box bragging about how AMAZING and just perfect my son was in tot soccer that I organize for work.

The title of this post pretty much says it all. Emmit was a total terror today. Doing the opposite of what I was telling him. At one point he walked out the front door and honestly I crossed my fingers that he would just drive himself home.

I'm just saying.
No one is perfect child or parent.

Looking at this picture of Emmit above, I should have known I was in for it today. 



I’ve always been # 33.

You know like # 33 in the program.

It is a number that I’ve held onto since my sophomore year of high school.

I’ve used the #33 for various things like access codes or log in accounts all my life.

As of yesterday it became official.

I am 33.

I teased my co-workers and scared my husband with the thought of me wearing my letterman’s jacket to work with the big volleyball patch with# 33 on it. Don’t worry I didn’t do it, but it’s really too bad the jacket comes out only once a year. (That is a separate post altogether).

I celebrated my birthday with sneaky gifts from my husband, like a trip to the spa.

Hugs and kisses from my kiddos.

An early morning call from the one and only person who carried me for 9 loving months in her womb.

I had flowers delivered to my work by SURPRISE SURPRISE my brother. Whew he does love me and remembered he has a little sister living up north.

Via phone I had an entire Beaver Lake Middle School 6th grade P.E. class wish me a happy birthday thanks to Coach B, aka my dad.

I heard from many of my friends and even an old coach from junior high.

I had cake.

I blew out candles.

I ate off a red plate.

And most important I went to bed feeling full of love and joy that I am just another year older and of course wiser!

Cheers to me and cheers to the # 33!


Tot Soccer

Today Emmit started Tot Soccer in the new field house here in town.
Unlike Grace ( sorry baby girl) but this is true, Emmit followed every instruction I gave him, stopped on the whistle, helped me clean up and held onto each word that I said.

When your mom is the one in charge sometimes it is hard for kids to follow or to take the instruction serious. So I was so glad that E followed well and really enjoyed himself.

I'll tell you what, Emmit will not make a good soccer player. He rather pick the ball up and dribble and when I told the kids to get ready, E would drop into a 3 point stance as if he was going to pounce on the other toddlers.

Thank you Emmit for a great morning and for reminding me why I love what I do.

Being a mom is really the best!


First Day of Pre School 2011

 Oh the places you will go Miss Grace Anne. Today you started your 2nd year of Pre School at Whitey in classroom 6 with Miss Jodie & Miss Louise.
You were excited as ever this morning to head to school to see your friends and to wear the required Western gear for the first day.

 Natalie & Grace back at it for another year together.

 In front of the school. Yes this is a little "Senior Portrait" looking, but all the other moms were doing it so I joined in.

 Hand stamping time with Miss Louise.
 Grace's favorite free time activity at pre school is painting.

Grace today more then anything I want you to know that your mom and dad are proud of you and we want you to be yourself, because you know what little Grace your a great person and we love you.

Make new friends this year.
Learn Lot's of stuff and really just be happy!

To the moon sweet cheeks.


Pretty Good Weekend

 DMB concert with my best and oldest friends that I have. Cassie, Sarah, Brooke and Tamsan I heart you all.
 Here we are at our seats. Not too bad right!
 Fun in the sun at our good friends the Moore's house.
 My boys getting their swim on.
 Oh that's me trying to wake board. So HARD. I tried like 13 times. I can barley feel my forearms.
 This is the closest I got to getting up on the board.
 Aunt Morgan enjoying the ride.
 Emmit and I just chilling in the boat. I never want to cut your hair little man.
 Grace found a new friend this weekend. Sorry Grace but we will NEVER buy you a lap dog.
That is my girl tubing with the big kids. She kept giving Kelly the driver a thumbs up to go faster. That's my girl the little thrill seeker.

Friends, family, sun, music, boating and way woo much drinking pretty much made it the perfect long weekend.