New Jacket

This one is for you dad. Check out Emmit in his new Patagonia reversible jacket, size 18 months! That's right my 9 month old is wearing 18 month clothing.
Emmit looks so big in these pics! Emmit you are such a happy little boy who has been eating fruit and well just eating whatever we put in front of you.

Kids That Get Dirty

Kids that get dirty when they play are super cool. Grace's future prom date.
What a pair Grace & Ty!

I can only imagine what those three were talking about.

Not sure why I was encouraging Grace to have SO much fun in the DIRT.
Grace & Tatum playing in the dirt.

Outdoor Movie Night

This past Friday night I put on a outdoor movie for APRD and we shoed Madagascar 2. It was a huge it and so much fun. Nothing beats kids in PJ's, free popcorn and watching tweens make out in the back of the park.
Emmit getting some love from our friend Jonn, also my co-worker.
Grace and Jonn's kids Zinnia and Vince amazed by the large screen.

Emmit was more into the grass then the movie.

Not to brag, but...

Grace is no longer in need of her Binky ( pacifier) or her bottle.

I am joking about the bragging part. Grace is 4 months away from turning 3.

It's ABOUT TIME she doesn't need her binky or hot bottle at night!

Love you Grace, but it was time my love , it was time.


I hope I never forget..

I hope I never forget the simple joy of going to the park. There are often smiles ear to ear, imaginary latte stands inside the gingerbread house and brave little girls named Grace who go down the big slide.

Under The Table

Emmit has been busy moving around the house, pulling himself up and of course waving hello. He also claps on command when anyone yells, " YEAH" in a high pitch voice.


Who dosen't love the zoo?

Danskin Tri 2009

Here she is my, mom. Never been more proud of my mom then I was of her today. She did a great job and came running out of the water. Here is Aunt Indira heading out for her bike ride. The entire time Indira had a smile on her race you could see for miles.
Not too bad for two old ladies!

Father of the year!

My number one fans!
Yes, that's right that is my dad wearing a Hawaiian wrap skirt, making Mai Tai's after the race for us Mama's. Don't most tri athletes have drinks with 4 shorts in it right after the race...

We did it Mai Tai Mama's. Good Job.

Special thanks to my dad for making sure us ladies stayed well hydrated and motivated.
Extra special thanks to my hubby Josh who was watching and taking care of the kiddos all weekend.
Extra, Extra special thank you to my mom and my aunt for taking on this challenge with me. Love you both and again so very proud of you both.


Here we go,day before the race. Checking in getting our race numbers on our arms.
The shirts that I got for the Mai Tai Mama's were completely see through. And yes we are #1!

Check out this hot mama, almost 60 years onld and in her first tri!

Mai Tai Mama's!


Meet Team Mai Tai Mama's

This weekend myself and two wonderful ladies are preparing for the Danskin Triathlon on Sunday. It's a great race that supports the fight against breast cancer. I am glad to do the race to help support the fight against cancer, but that is not why I tri.

I tri because I can. I tri because it motivates me to get back in shape, maybe not the best shape of my life, but I am getting there. I tri because it has encourage my mother to get back into swimming and to enter into her first race. I tri because of the feeling there is crossing a finish line, no matter how long it took you to get there.

Meet Team Mai Tai Mama's. My aunt came up with the name for us, at the time that was the drink of choice at the frat house, I mean my parents house.

Leg one of the race is my mom Diane. She is ready to swim the 1/2 mile swim in open water. With her steady trainings at the gym pool and her new swim suit from Title Nine, I am sure she will do just fine. She used to be a life guard.

Leg two of the race is my aunt Indira. She is ready to bike the 12.5 miles across the I-90 bridge and back. A true east coaster she is tough as nails. She has been training her right hand with 12oz beverages and she has bikes to work. She has been doing some cross training and walking the dogs in the evenings. She is ready.

Leg three of the race is ME! I am ready to run the 3.1 miles around Genesse Park. I got a new pair of running shorts and a cool Nike hat. I've been carbo loading all summer for this race.

Our time does not matter on Sunday. It's as long as we finish.

We will finish with our heads high with our families cheering us on!

I am very proud of my mom and my aunt for taking this journey on with me.


Morgan Turns 21

Josh's little sis turned 21 today! So she came down from the camp she has been working at all summer to celebrate. Even though it was a Monday, Josh and I still seemed to manage to have a beverage or two with her.
Why are these hats so fun to put on in Mexican restaurants on birthday's?

Even Emmit got in on the fun!

Morgan told us this was her first shot of tequila. Something tells me she is not telling the truth, I mean come on 3 years of college and no straight shots of tequila? That's right she goes to Western, they don't have that kind of fun there:) Anyways she handled the shot just fine.

Round two of drinks begins and this is when I stopped taking photos. Don't call CPS I only had one margarita for any of you concerned about who was looking after the kids.


Guemes Island

This morning we went aboard the 5 minute ferry ride to Guemes Island, also known by locals as "Dog Island".
We had a great tour guide, long time A- Town resident Bob and his two beautiful girls Sally and Reese.
It was a great ride. Guemes is full of perfect country roads, friendly residents and great views.
Emmit enjoying his lunch break.

Grace, Reese and Sally at Anderson's Market.

This was at the end of our ride, waiting for the ferry. We all earned our beverages today:)

Self Portrait.

Emmit enjoying the free ride!

Emmit is the King of Guemes today.

Look who found a walking stick.

Reese had great speed on the ride today.

Bob and Sally keeping us on track.

Josh's butt is eating the seat. After seeing this picture Josh tells me that he needs a new bike.

Yeah for Guemes. Save the mountain.