The Nutcracker

Pretty Awesome.
Is how I would describe my afternoon at the ballet today.
My mom and dad treated Angie, Carly, Grace and I to a wonderful day at the ballet.
Grandma shared the story of the nutcracker with the two girls, we enjoyed fancy drinks at intermission, we peeked down at the orchestra, we cheered on the dancers and two little girls had the best day ever!
Thank you mom and dad for a great day.

4 and 6

 Celebrated these two December birthdays babies at San Juan Lanes Saturday morning.
Donuts, bowling, family, friends and lots of sugar is how we celebrated.
 Grace and her new friend from school Jake.  That smile on her says it all.
 Emmits crew Connor, Timmy and of course our good friend Ty.

 Cannonball James getting in on the fun.

Eli, Ty, Baby Kate, Carly, Jake, Gwen, Katie, Frankie, Timmy, Cannon, Connor, Emmet, Jackson and Tatum thank you all for making it a great party for Grace and Emmit.

Also, a special thank you to the rec coordinator Aunti Morgan who helped with crowd control and everything eles that I abarked at her to do!