Stop Drop & Roll

I am always willing to help on field trips to the fire department ! Call me crazy but I just love a nice and responsible men in uniform!
Emmit of course is wanting to be a fireman when he grows up.
Special thanks to our friend fireman Evan who made a trip to just see Emmit and his class today.


Sun and Snow

We spent the day on the hill with my mom and dad.
Crystal mountain has never looked better.
My mom and dad helped with every step of the day .
The kids didn't want to stop.
Josh reminded me to be patient with Grace a time or two.
And I got to ski Green Valley and enjoy a nice skiers lunch with my family while enjoying the view.



Tap & Ballet

My heart just grew a bit last night as I watched Grace in her first real dance class.
You know like where pink tights, shoes and hair in a pony were required.
It took me back to my "hey daddy" years. I know only my parents will get that, but basically I lived dance from the age 5 to 13 years old.
Grace was all smiles and held onto every word Miss Lorrie told her to do .
After class Grace told me she wanted to do dance everyday.
I told her that she could do dance every Thursday and then we agreed that was a good plan!


Happy Birthday Josh

Happy Birthday Josh!
Today's your day .
We love you very much.
You are the best dad and husband ever.

A Flirt. A Athlete. A Class Clown.

Thank you three Cas, Brooke and Sarah for a great day and night in the city.


You three would still get voted a flirt, a athlete and a class clown.

Love you three.


Hockey Night In Everett

This family is starting to really like hockey game nights .
There is excitement , dancing in you seat and good old fashion hockey fights.

I said it before, but I think this family will be driving sooner then later north and south to get some time on the ice for a certain little boy who has been dominating in the garage beating his dad every time!