Double Date Night

The Swapp's joined Josh and I for some adult fun Saturday night. Best quote of the night came from Pat, " This feels like we are going to Tolo".
It was a great night that ended with a trip through Jack In The Box and me falling asleep or passing out in bed with Grace!
Me and the boys!

Close up of Kelsey & I!

Tolo 2009!

Cannon, Emmit & Grace

Brooke and I are crazy, trying to get a 2 year old, a 9 month and a 3 month old to pose for a photo?

Auntie Brooke

Brooke is more then my BFF, she is Auntie Brooke to my kids and if I ever would have completed my confirmation classes while in high school she would also be Grace's god mother, even though she already is in her heart where it counts the most. Grace was into Brooke she was her helper, her shadow and her BFF all day.