There are no ganrantee's...

Grace taking in the beauty of the San Juan Islands.

"Look dad a whale!" Ok maybe not, but the excitment is there.

Grace slept on me like this for an good hour.

This is your classic Northwest shot. A mountain in the back and a ferry crossing right in front.

We went on a family adventure this past weekend and signed up for famous Anacortes Whale Watching Tour where in all their printed materials for the tour they GUARANTEE that you will see Orca Whales.

Well 5 hours into the tour our skipper had to inform us that there were no whales today, and that we will hopefully have better luck next time.

Although we did not see Orca's it was a beautiful boat ride clear up to Canada. Grace enjoyed the boat ride, the hot dog and the unlimited refills on her lemonade aid.

I will say that the whale watching tour company did give us all free tickets to join them again on another tour.

Guess Who Went In the Big Girl Potty?

That's right we had an extraordinary afternoon on Sunday. Grace was running around the house naked taking in the cool breezes from the late afternoon, when I turned to her and asked if she wanted to use the big girl potty. She shook her head yes. So we headed to the bathroom, I held her on top of the toilet. She gave a little grunt ( She must have learned this from her daddy) and ta da a little you know what came out. So we looked at it and then we waved goodbye to it as it swirled down the toilet. The sound of the flush gave Grace the most excitement.

Who knew I could have dedicated an entire blog to my daughter's first you know what in the big girl potty.

Way to go Grace, we are so proud of you.