This story is for strong stomachs ONLY

So last night after Josh made another AMAZING dinner ( he likes when I compliment him on his dinner and clearly I don't do that enough) we were cleaning up and I had taking the kids clothes off and diapers.
This is when the story takes a turn.
Josh and I look over and there it is a sight to be seen. Emmit is sitting in his poop with it all over his body, the carpet, the toy in front of him, the wall right next to him and yes in his MOUTH!!!

I told you this story was for only those with a strong stomach. Trying not to puke myself I quickly rushed the little pooper upstairs and gave him a good scrub and even brushed his teeth with bubblegum flavored toothpaste.

It was just another exciting Wednesday night.

Sorry no pictures were taking of this event, trust my word it was SICK.