Bag packed with dresses that I never get to wear and sassy beach cover ups ( thanks to my BFF)- Check
Printed itinerary for travel and passports in a zip lock back- Check
Liquids and gels 3.4oz or less jammed packed into a quart size zip lock-Check
One page "how to guide" for my mother in-law who is kind enough to stay at our house and watch the kids-Check
Trashy magazines and a good beach read ready to be cracked open the minute we board the plane- Check
Calling card so we can call home once a day to check in- Check

Puerto Vallarta get ready for two happy totally in love married couple who has not had a vacation together in a year, who has been sharing a bed with a 18 month for most of the night and who is ready to cut loose.

I guess I should mention this trip would not have been possible without Jared and Amy who have chosen a destination wedding. We are totally excited for you and looking forward to your special day.