Reality Check

I was just out in town doing some work. By the way how great is this sunshine today? It's amazing how people come out and hit the streets of A-town when the sun is out.

Ok. Focus Nicole.

I just passed this mom with 3 older children and a 4 week old baby girl. The little girl was SO small.

It seems like yesterday Grace and Emmit where that small. It stopped me in my tracks and made me think how fast your kids grow. You see them everyday, your up with them in the middle of the night, they puke on you and spit their food out at you and you never notice until you step away for a brief minute to notice just how fast they do grow.

Grace is 2 years old, almost 2.5 years old. She is REALLY independent, not into food of any kind these days, and completely crazy for tea parties. Anyone up for a tea party?

Emmit is 4 months. Recovering well from his surgery. Last week we started to feed him rice cereal, prunes and bananas. Emmit is in the 75% for his height and weight and 90% for his head. He rolls over from his stomach to his back and has started to grab at objects in front of him. But most of all Emmit is still a MAMA'S boy!!!

So to all you moms to be ( Brooke, Tamsan, Karah, Lindsey and Sandy who is having her baby today) just remember that it goes by fast. Geez who else is pregnant? Seems to me that I know a lot of pregnant ladies.