Full Circle

I've been in the Parks & Recreation field for about 10 years if you include the college years and the internship that landed me the job that I have today. From all those years of running youth camps, coordinating soccer drills, setting up tables for special events and pumping air into a endless mountain of basketballs, today by far was my best day in recreation thus far.

I've been teaching this Time With Toddler class since I first took this job in 01' and today not only did I teach the basic class that encourages interaction with others and works on motor skills. I got to teach the class and take my own DAUGHTER to the class as well.

It was amazing to have my own little toddler right there painting pictures, fighting over toys and walking around with a pole, crayon and a cupcake all in her hands.

What a day it was today. I trust that I will have many more just like it...