10 Months

I know this is sounding repetitive, but it's going by too fast. Grace is eager and willing to go and try anything and everything new.

Her first step it not to far away. Grace is cutting teeth left and right which makes her a bit fussy with extra drool. Grace enjoys waving at anything that moves, smiling at whoever will care to look her direction and has this obsession with shoes. She likes to put the shoes in her hands, she likes to suck on the laces and she likes to pick the shoes up and drop.

One thing has still remained the same with Grace. Since day one there has not been one person who has not commented on her gorgeous baby blue eyes. Lets hope those eyes help you get that first job or that college scholarship to Harvard!

Bottom line Grace lights up the room with her eyes and her smile and Josh and I are so very lucky to have a healthy and happy baby.

Grace you are my dear one.