First Report Card

Grace completed her swim class last night and recived her first report card. We were so proud of her and she was proud of herself as well.
Good job Grace.
We will be signing up for another level one class real soon.

30lbs of Rucksack...

I feel bad for Emmit. I feel like we hardly used our Kelty Back Pack with him. So this past weekend I decided to be real adventurous with him and wash my car with this 30lb of rucksack on my back. BOY was he heavy.

Please excuse my I just worked out then washed my car look I was going for on Sunday.

Wish Us Luck

This is my great attempt to teach Grace how to garden and most important how important eating fruit and vegtables is.

FYI- Grace will use the same carrot stick to eat an entire bowl of ranch salad dressing. Do I need to say more.

Wish us luck on our garden.