Tulip Town

Tulip Town was quite the adventure this afternoon. Clearly you can see the tulip flats are beautiful. Lucky to live 15 minutes from this.

FYI- For all you tourist coming to tulip town this weekend, please make sure if your with your toddler that you have treats, a change of clothes and for your husbands that you will most likely be dragging along to look at flowers that you can just as easily buy in the store. Well make sure your husband also has some treats and a change of clothes. I'm just saying.
Also, I recommend skipping tulip town ($5 a person) and drive further North to Memorial Hwy, just next to Hwy 20 and you can park for FREE and the purple and pink tulips are just AMAZING.
If any of my family memebers come this North to check out the tulips and do not stop in A-town for a visit or at least a cold beverage your in big trouble. Yes. I am talking to you PETER.


pArks & reCreAtion

Parks and Recreation it is apart of who I am. I cannot help it. This past Friday night I held a community flashlight Easter egg hunt. It was grass roots my friends. These community events is what P & R is all about. Me and the Easter bunny. It is amazing what your friends will do for a six pack beer! Thank you Sleeper you were the best bunny ever.
.jpg" border=0> The inticiaption of the hunt is building here.

Yes, the kids did not need their flashlights. Geez who ever is in charge should pay closer attention to daylight savings...

I love my line of work.


Chicken Fry

Josh and old college roommate & friend Jared getting ready for some Zac Brown Band fun.
Jared it was about time you put a ring on it:) Mexico here we come!

Jared & I showing off our Seven jeans and for sure starting to feel the cold beer.

Jo & Amy who were my new BFF's for the night, due to the cold beer.
Why did I wear that white coat to a country concert?Josh was SUPER excited to see this country concert.

Amy & Jared listening to a little "Chicken Fry". For all you non Zac Brown fans this is his break out song.
It was a good concert. It was a very entertaining crowd for a Sunday night in Everett!

Emmit & Emmett

This past weekend we had our friends the Brown Family up for a over night visit. Courtney is a wildcat so he is super cool like us and his wife Shaina and son Emmett are pretty darn spectacular. Emmit on the playground.
Grace making cake at the playground.

Courtney, Emmett, Josh and Emmit group pose.

Emmett ( 18 months) & Emmit (15 months) sharing the slide.
We can't wait to hang with the Brown's some more this summer at a Mariners game.

Ta Da

It's a wrap. Last tumbling class was yesterday. Grace learned to bear crawl, somersault kind of and to jump around.
To be honest, the poor teacher spent most of the class trying to get 3 year olds to listen to her, that was the most entertaining part.


Emmit's First Hair Cut

I was not prepared for my baby to turn into such the big boy with his hair cut. It gives him a whole new look.
I think Emmit really liked Brie and her silly sounds she made during the cut.

First time with the clippers.
Emmit lets hope that you have many haircuts for years to come. But let's face it kid you come from a family where the men don't keep their hair for a very long, so enjoy it while you can.

Bend It Like Beckham

Yes we threw a soccer ball at our toddler's head. If we want him to be the next Beckham then we got to start the training.


Hockey Hair

Josh calls it hockey hair cut. Short in the front and long in the back. I call it a MULLET.

Emmit don't worry son I am taking you to your stylist Brie this week I hope to get you a proper hair cut.


Just another Thursday Night in A- Town

Why am I posing here with my friend Amber like we are going to a tolo dance? Well because we basically did go to a dance. We went to YD ( Youth Dynamics) Red Carpet fund raising dinner. We posed like this all night.

Thanks Amber for being my date!


The Kings Crown

It's been a bit of a Fancy Nancy Weekend . In the books Nancy and her family get all fancy and go to The Kings Crown for Parfaits, that's fancy for ice cream people! So we had a little Kings Crown action last night.
I am positive this is not a good habit to teach a 14 month.

Or a 3 year old either.

Look what dad can do.

This is what it looks like after everyone takes whip cream straight from the can.


Happy B-Day Dad

Happy Birthday Dad! We love you like crazy. Today you are 58! Enjoy your day! May all your birthday wishes come true. We love you dad. Happy Birthday.
I hope I can turn them like you when I am your age. Keep the tunes going big guy, you make 58 look good!


Ooh la la

This week for work I had a fancy Nancy party that I put together. Oh yes it was fabulous and posh in every way, however little Grace was under the weather so she did not get to attend. So we got a little fancy Nancy going on this morning. Yes, tea does taste better when you wear frilly bracelets.
O0h La La Emmit

This delectable tea party is supreme!

Remember dear to drink with your pinky's out.

I love you my little Fancy Nancy Grace!
P.S. Emmit I promise we will go do some little boy stuff later today, like eating some dirt and putting salt on slugs.