Grandpa Playdate

First thing Emmit said this morning was that he gets a playdate with grandpa today.
Love these two.
Love these two together.


Drop The Puck

So we spent turkey day in the Tri Cities with The family. No pictures of turkey day. Too busy drinking and eating I guess!
Friday night Grandma Laurie took the crew to a tri cities American hockey game.
It was loud.
It was fun.
It was Eastern Washington all the way. (chances are I am in trouble for writing that last part)
The kids loved it.
We are fans.
Emmit wants to be a hockey player and wants to be on the team when he is 17.


Play Date

Grace had a play date with her friend Frankie today so as you could imagine this was the worst news ever for Emmit.
No play date organized for him.
Until it was proposed he have a play date with his mom and dad.

Asked him what he wanted to do and he told us he wanted to go hike in the woods.
So that was what we did.


I am already having a good time

I am already having a good time, is what I said as we headed down the hill into Wildcat country on Saturday morning.
Country music was blaring in the car and I was with two who were ready to have a good time.
Remember when... Was the start of about every other sentence from Josh and I. Poor Morgan had to hear stories of how her brother and I started our love story.

CWU you never disappoint !

Just covering the basics ...

With a conversation with Grace.

What do you want to be? Horse rider

What do you like most about school? PE

Favorite food? Chicken nuggets and mashed taters.

Love my girl time with this chick.


I love Halloween Because...

There are many reasons why I love it so much...
Downtown trick or treat.
Seeing friendly faces knock on our door for treats.
Having friends over for pre and post trick or treating.
Having friends with kids age ranges from 5 weeks old to 14 years old in our house preparing for the big night.
Seeing the dads getting their "to go cups" ready.

It was a wet Halloween, but that did not stop one bloody vampire and one scary Darth Maul from hitting the pavement with pillow cases.

Thank you grandma Laurie for another set of great costumes.