First Day Of School

 Grace and Natalie posing in front of the Mt. Erie School Sign
 It's about 20 steps to the school. We counted this morning.
 Grace is already flocking to the older girls on the play ground.

 This is the last photo I took this morning. Right before I took this Grace in a louder then others voice told me, "Mom you can go now".

 Taking the steps up to Whitney Pre School.
 Miss Lisa teaching Emmit to write his name.
 Miss Jodi dismissing the students today.
Emmit you are a Whitney Dragon.
Today the kids both had a great first day of school.
There was no tears, from anyone.
I think everyone involved was ready for the next step.
My throat only choked up a little when I went early to pick up Emmit and I heard him tell his teacher thank you for the day.  
Grace made new friends and enjoyed ticket time in school.
Emmit enjoyed playing outside the best.
Josh picked Grace up from school and took both kids to Mad Hatters for a  first day of school ice cream treat.
Overall it was a good first day of school!