Summer Is Here

Summer is here, at least here in Anacortes, WA where it rains a whole lot less then those peeps who live south.

Summer is here because I get to sleep in an hour later, Josh's is home with the kids, I can hear the kids playing in the streets until 10pm, I see families packed in cars with everything but the kitchen sink ready to camp in the San Juans with their kayaks, bikes and of course the family dog and summer is finally here because I get to coast down Commercial to work on my bike.

I love summer here on the Island of Fidalgo.

Got to love a town where you don't need to lock your bike...

(Ok so I just could not find my lock this morning, but if someone wants to take big Red then so be it. We've only been together since the first day of college).

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to you Joshua Colin Johnston.
When it comes to dads your #1.
Each day you impress me with how great you are with the kids and what a extraordinary father you are to our little Grace & Emmit.
I got lucky.
I drafted high.
I got the most loving husband and father for our two kids.

OK enough with the mushy stuff, take a look at how we spent fathers day with Aunt Indira, Papa and the beautiful Prentice Family at the Redhook Brewery.

Best shot I was able to get of the kids with their dad on father's day.

Yes this is a photo of Grace sitting under the bar on the foot rest.

Not sure if Grace is about to slap Hads or give her a smooch.

Pretty sure this is a sign that Emmit has had too much fun on the brew tour.