Baby Beau Meets The Yo Yo's

Brooke you are a natural mother. Come on let's start making some friends for Grace and Beau.

Tamsan,Me, Grace, Sarah, Beau and Brooke!

What a great afternoon I had watching my dear friend Sarah hold her new baby boy Beau. Already he looks like his mother, lets see if he gets her spunky personality. I hope so. All the stories that I can share with baby Beau about his mum...

Tamsan is still on her honeymoon glow with her man Joe.

Brooke is in the best shape I've ever seen her with all the training for the marathon she is hoping to STILL due this July.

Grace was a good girl and showed interested in the little baby boy Beau just as we were leaving. Go figure. Next time watch Beau, I think Grace will be coming right for you.